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  • The Head waters of the May River
  • Sunset over the Sepik
  • A Quiet stretch of the May River
  • Remote Tribes of the Sepik Region

September – Trip of the Month

This demanding expedition takes you into the scarcely explored region of the Western Province where indigenous people are unlikely to have ever seen outsiders before.

Your journey in begins with a trek through the jungle in the foothills of the Star Mountains, where no visitors have travelled since the late 1960s. Carrying your own pack raft and supplies reach the Sepik River, take to the water and begin your exploration of this secluded region. Rafting onto the May River, you may come face to face with tribes whose traditions have not changed for thousands of years. Embrace the true spirit of being a pioneering explorer as you break trail through one of the last truly uncharted regions on earth. Your journey ends on the azure Bismark Sea where you will be treated to remote beaches and world class diving.

Read more about this incredible World’s First adventure in Papua New Guinea.

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