About Epic Tomato

Epic Tomato is the expedition-led adventure offering from the award-winning bespoke luxury travel company Black Tomato.

Based on the belief that people are looking to challenge themselves through unique, immersive and intrepid travel experiences that deliver a true sense of achievement, Epic Tomato has been set up.

Having organised expedition led adventures to extreme environments across the globe for a number of years, the founders of Black Tomato have created a stand alone brand that focuses on offering the very best and rarest of life enhancing adventure travel experiences.

The hand-picked selection of trips within the Epic Tomato portfolio have all been created from scratch and are led by the team of Epic Tomato experts taking clients to the world’s most geographically extreme destinations.  These unique experiences combine the essence of being a pioneer and the opportunity to experience places and cultures that few others have ever seen.

All trips are led by Epic Tomato’s expert expedition leaders who draw upon their vast experience of living in the wilds and military backgrounds to ensure that people have a trip that delivers on its exploratory and epic nature but most importantly is safely operated. For more details on this please see the technical section.