Epic Tomato is dedicated to ensure all trips are meticulously planned and expertly delivered. To this end, we take every aspect of the planning, preparation and execution of trips extremely seriously.

Below are high level details on key components of the trip planning and delivery process. To get in-depth information on each of these areas, please do enquire or call to discuss this with our team of experts. Further information can be provided both by telephone and electronic correspondence. Prior to all trips being confirmed each one of these areas is gone into depth and discussed with clients.


Epic Tomato’s operations are overseen by a team of expedition leaders who have prepared and guided trips through the most extreme environments on Earth. With over 30 years experience of planning and guiding, they are recognised as leaders in the world of expedition-led adventure. Ranging from military and special forces trained guides to mountaineers and expert adventurers, the Epic Tomato leaders offer an unparalleled quality of service in the arena of extreme adventure travel and have worked with Epic Tomato’s parent company Black Tomato on expeditions for many years prior to the launch of the Epic travel proposition. Epic’s expedition leaders are supported by an outstanding group of in-country support staff who work alongside them on the planning and delivery of the expedition in all of the locations Epic Tomato runs trips to around the world.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety is of the utmost importance on all Epic Tomato trips. Due to the nature and location of the trips, the highest priority is placed on the health and safety aspect of all of our operations. Working within the practicalities and guidelines of adventurous and challenging activities, Epic Tomato always endeavours to make all provisions possible to minimise risk through comprehensive safety procedures and thorough contingency planning. As well as expert leaders and in-country guides, we have 24-hour back up support both in the UK and in-country.


Epic Tomato strongly advises that all clients have a comprehensive insurance policy covering medical treatment, cancellation, curtailment, evacuation and repatriation before they travel.


For all Epic Tomato trips a comprehensive recommended clothing and kit list is provided. According to the environment you are travelling to the kit requirements will vary. As part of the planning process the Epic team member you are liaising with will provide all of these details and with it make recommendations as to where you can source kit and clothing that you require. All technical equipment will be provided for your expedition by Epic Tomato.


The Epic Tomato portfolio of trips require a varying standard of fitness, but as they are entirely bespoke it is possible for us to increase or decrease the level of physical exertion entailed in order to suit different fitness levels. As part of the planning process of your expedition, an Epic team member will establish both what you want to get out of the trip and your current level of fitness and training plans and will then work with you to ensure that all in-country logistics and itinerary are orientated to a suitable level so that you get the utmost from your experience.