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Leave only your tracks behind
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Some respite at the summit
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The stunning Storhaugen Mountain
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The Albarquel sailing across the Arctic fjord
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Panoramic views from the top of a peak
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Skiing down untouched off-piste powder
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Racing toward the Lyngen Fjord

Destination: Lyngen Alps

Essence of the trip:

Sail into a labyrinth of Arctic fjords in pursuit of outstanding powder snow with this unique physical challenge. Journeying through the fjords each night by private boat will give you access to exhilarating new terrain to ski each morning. Expect undisturbed, flawless off-piste skiing as far as the eye can see and unparalleled views from every peak.

This trip will give you:

  • A voyage that takes you through one of the world’s last inaccessible skiing regions on a private sailing boat.

  • Access to the unique indigenous Sami reindeer herders and an insight into their life in this stunning, but extremely hostile environment above the Article Circle.

  • A unique physical test as you step from your boat and summit challenging terrain before skiing back down for an incredible adrenaline rush in an awe-inspiring landscape.

  • Totally unexplored and isolated slopes to ski, with each day bringing a new and untouched adventure playground.



After touching down in Tromso, barely 1,000 miles from the North Pole, head to the harbour and step aboard the Albarquel, your majestic sail boat, which was built in 1957. Combining authentic design elements with the comforts you’ll need, you’ll feel perfectly at home here for the next seven days as you explore remote fjords and towering mountain ranges that are inaccesible by any other means.

Over the course of the week you will have unparallel access to isolated regions within the fjords and will be able to enjoy the ultimate off-piste experience as you soar down totally untouched slopes. The Lyngen Alps offer some of the most breathtaking extreme skiing and scenery in the world and will be reachable directly from the deck of your boat, giving you maximum time on the mountains themselves.

Each morning you’ll have an early start in order to make the most of the best possible weather conditions. Having been kitted out, you’ll follow guides who are experts in the region and start your ascent up the mountain. Depending on your fitness level, ski touring from summit to sea can take anything from 2 to 6 hours, but as soon as you reach the peak you’ll see exactly why it was worth the effort. After ascending to well over 1,000m, you will be able to look out over mile after mile of breathtaking views and snow-capped peaks below, as you soak up the incredibly fresh mountain air.

If, at any point, you feel like taking a break from the slopes, you’ll be able to spend a few hours kayaking alongside the boat with the stunning fjords and snow-capped Lyngen mountains as your backdrop. Alternatively, throw a line out and see what you can catch to add to the host of local, fresh seafood dishes prepared by your expert crew each evening.

One night of your trip you will also have the opportunity to spend a unique evening with a Sami (Lap) family in their Lavvo camp. The Sami people live in the depths of the mountains, herding reindeers across northern Norway as they have done for many generations and will share both traditonal Sami hospitality and a fantastic insight into their culture and lives with you.

At the end of each day, you’ll be able to take in ever-changing surroundings from the deck of your boat as you silently head towards the next isolated port of call and watch the sun go down behind snow-covered peaks, casting golden shadows across the easterly mountains. If you’re looking for a trip that is only a short flight away but will absorb you into a harsh but majestic polar environment, then this unique Alpine and Arctic adventure will provide the ultimate distraction.

If you are interested in taking this trip and would like to discuss it in more detail with our team of experts get in touch here or call us on 0207 426 9899 (UK) or 1-888 341 9663 (US) to start planning your trip.

The Facts

Duration: 7 days

Best Time To Travel: Feb - April

Price: On application. Prices include extensive trip planning and consultation, expedition set-up and all in-country logistics. The price also includes a world-class head guide who is a specialist in the chosen environment, an extensive local guiding support team, all on-trip training and technical equipment, all domestic travel including any flights required as part of your expedition and your accommodation. Most meals and drinks will also be included, but specific details will be provided on quotation.

Flights: Epic Tomato can organise international flights from anywhere in the world to this destination and offers both scheduled and private charter services.

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