Destination: Atacama Desert, The Andes & Chilean Patagonia

Essence of the trip:

The winter months in Chile enable intrepid explorers to challenge themselves in a number of unique and exciting ways. From sand-boarding down steep desert dunes and trekking the infamous Torres del Paine to jumping out of a helicopter to ski down the fresh powered slopes of the Andes; this is Chile from endless perspectives.

This trip will give you:

  • An in-depth introduction to the varying terrains in Chile; from snow-capped mountains to the driest desert in the world.
  • The opportunity to reach incredible speeds on both sand and snow.
  • An experience of the immensity of Chilean Patagonia.
  • A look at the fascinating history of an ancient South American country.


Landing at Calama Airport, you’ll immediately be transferred to Hotel Awasi for a spot of relaxation before your foray into the driest desert on earth begins.  Over the next few days you’ll be traversing sand dunes, salt lakes and vast mountains whilst gaining an insight into the fascinating human and geological history of the area. Day one will involve a short hike across ruins of Atacamenian settlements dating as far back as 800 BC and then on day two, things really get into full swing. Think horseback riding along seriously narrow pathways, desert sandboarding down vertical dunes and intrepid hikes amongst abandoned salt mines with views out to the Domeyko Range. Each of these private excursions will be led by an expert guide, who is there to ensure your safety as well as encourage you to push yourself to your limits.

After a few days exploring the Atacama region on foot, horseback and sand board, you’ll fly to Santiago for your transfer to The Andes and your accommodation at Puma Lodge, where things are set to become even more exciting.  This is the home of heli-skiing, and over the next few days you can opt to fly to fresh powdered slopes as many times as you’d like. Equipped with the latest avalanche protection equipment and given a full day’s safety briefing, you’ll be taken to some of the most incredible slopes the Andes have to offer. If you’re a beginner, you can trust that you’ll be taken to the safest parts of this area. If you’re an experienced skier, however, we’ll make it our challenge to find you some of the most adrenaline-inducing vertical drops around. After a day out in the highlands, Puma Lodge will serve as the perfect retreat to unwind and prepare yourself for another day of epic explorations. The area surrounding the lodge is perfect for hiking and biking too, and we can arrange any number of challenges should you want to skip the skiing for a day.

Your final destination on this winter adventure will be the famous Torres del Paine in Chilean Patagonia. Here you will hike a steep ascent towards a lookout at the base of the astounding Paine Towers. Having reached the top after climbing 754 meters, the views will leave you truly awe-inspired. The magnitude of these famous granite towers will finally hit home.

The day after your mammoth climb, you’ll finish your trip with one last challenge: a hike towards the Paine River and Lake Pehoe. historis A hike that will take you on a very demanding ascent, you’ll gain views of Lake Grey and the incredible ice barrier of the Southern Ice Fields as you climb. It’s a view that will signal a perfect end to what has been a challenging and inspiring trip across the best of Chile during the country’s stunning winter months.

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Destination: Mt. Visoke & the Virunga Mountains

Essence of the trip: On this Epic Weekend you’ll first head to the base of the Parc National des Volcans chain for a tough trek through the forests, towards the summit of Mt. Visoke at 3700m. We’ll then transfer you to the Virunga mountains to track gorilla families through the dense jungle.



With Epic Weekends, you’ll be taken across the crater rims of dormant volcanoes and deep into cloud forests to track the elusive mountain gorilla.

Step off the plane, onto the tarmac and our private helicopter will transfer you directly to the northern border of Rwanda. 140km away lies the Parc National des Volcans; the base of the Virunga mountain chain and your camp for the night. This verdant expanse of dense vegetation and soaring hills is a haven for mountain gorillas, and the site of Dian Fossey’s important studies into their behaviour.

It’s an early start on your first morning in Rwanda. Take in the spectacular view from your lodge, before you begin the unrelenting trek up the mountain. You’ll climb up  through bamboo and senecio forests, bringing you to the cool summit at 3700m above sea level. Take a moment or two to soak up the spectacular view of the glass-like crater lake and the sheer expanse of surrounding volcano range. It’s a physically demanding climb that will test your endurance but with rewarding views up and from Mount Visoke.

The next day the true Rwandan adventure begins, as you leave to start tracking the rare and endangered mountain gorillas.  Leave the lodge as dawn breaks: you’ll spend the day searching for these creatures amidst the forest of the steep Virunga slopes. Seven gorilla families inhabit the area, from the Sabinyo group to the Amahoro. Your chances of seeking them out are high, but will rely on your physical stamina as you hike through miles of hot, steep, jungle paths. Once you’ve spent the afternoon with these incredible mammals, you’ll be taken back to the airport. Journey home thoroughly challenged, but with the memories of a lifetime.


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Destination: Marrakesh & Jebel Saghro

Essence of the Trip: Take to the mountainous region of Jebel Saghro with this four day adventure into the heart of Morocco. Stay in the heart of Marrakesh for a night, before you drive into the foothills of the shadowing Atlas Mountains to begin your trek. Here you’ll trek alongside a nomad family of the Ait Atta tribe learning the bush craft and shepherding skills along the way.



An early morning start and set off on a rumbling 4X4 climb up through the High Atlas Path and down into the deserts of Southern Morocco, towards the village of Hamdor for  two more night away from your home comforts, hiking through the wilderness of Jebel Sahgro. This small settlement is perched on the desolate outcrops of the Jebel Saghro region. Here, you’ll be provided with some nourishing pre-trek tajine and a night in the local gite d’etape before you begin your mountain-spanning trek.

This area is home to, amongst many wandering tribes, the Ait Atta. As the heat of summer descends upon the region, this semi-nomadic group of desert dwellers migrate north en masse into the cooler climes of the High Atlas mountains. With Epic Weekends you will dip into this extraordinary journey, travelling alongside a family of the Ait Atta as they travel through mountain passes open plains to their destination. You’ll meet your host nomad in Hamdor and from then on, your life will become intimately entwined with his family as you hike alongside them for a tough five hours each day through the wilderness.

At night, you’ll camp beside the travelling bivouac like one of the tribe. There will be numerous opportunities to extend your route, including some mountain summits for the more adventurous and challenge thirsty. Immerse in cultural experiences as afternoons are spent learning traditional shepherding and Berber survival skills from the Ait Atta themselves. Expect to return home on Monday feeling like a true pioneer that has been immersed in a unique cultural and physical expedition.

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Destination: Wadi Rum & Petra

Essence of the Trip: Over three spectacular nights, experience the deserts and ancient cities of Jordan. This trip will take you across the sands; challenging your personal endurance whilst relying on the use of 4×4, quads, camel and Arabian horses.  This is a truly epic expedition through the inspiring landscapes of Wadi Rum and Petra.  A weekend desert trek that combines startling scenery, incredible history and desert survival.



Experience the deserts, mountains and ancient cities of Jordan over one non-stop Epic weekend.

Land in Amman before jumping straight into your adventure. Take in the magnitude of Jordan from the skies as you cross over to Aqaba in the east of Jordan and its only coastal city on the Gulf. From here we’ll transfer you 70km westwards across the desert to the awe-inspiring Wadi Rum and The Valley of the Moon. You’ll stop off at a Bedu camp to undergo crucial desert survival training.  You will be taught genuine desert survival expertise, as you will learn how to cope within the desert’s unforgiving environment with instruction from local Bedouins alongside your Epic lead guide, who have thrived within this setting for countless generations.

Taking your new skills and learnings of one of natures most challenging environments you’ll set off on a gruelling trek around Wadi Rum.

Whilst taking in the incredible rock formations, this is truly a challenging desert trek that combines startling scenery with incredible history.  Taking a well deserved rest after 4 hours of trekking, you’ll work with berbers to set up an traditional underground feast, a local means of cooking that has been handed down generation to generation. Once revived, a support RV and camel trek through the challenging desert will lead you to your quads where you will fight the wrath of the desert’s force to find your way to your next berber tented camp.

The next morning will be an early rise, before we pack you off for a hot air balloon ride up and over the sandstone mountains of Southern Jordan to take in the all consuming desert – your challenge for the day ahead.  We’ll take you by off-road vehicles towards the iconic Petra before changing your modern day mode-of-transport for something a little more traditional.  Return to the desert on Arabian horses through Petra’s surrounding mountains and plains and the ancient Nabatean ruins of Petra to take in the aeons-old architecture that used to be home to an entire civilisation.

To ensure a smooth connection home we’ll leave Petra and head back to Aqaba to connect to Amman for your continued journey home, leaving the desert having experienced it’s incredible force yet leaving with an appreciation of how to survive and move around its vast expanse.

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Destination: Eyjafjallajökull Volcano & Midgard plains

Essence of the trip:

This weekend adventure takes you on a phenomenal journey across the dramatic Icelandic landscape. You’ll experience bunking under the shadow of the active Eyjafjallajökull Volcano before we transfer you by private helicopter over the Sprengisandur region, a remote part of the country. On this adventure you’ll explore some of the landscapes that appeared in the film from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano to the vast volcanic desert of Mýrdalssandur. With our team of expert guides you’ll then head towards Midgard, a remote and expansive snow plain, where you will spend your time snowkiting, ice fishing and learning polar survival skills in this unforgivable region.

This trip will give you:

  • The chance to visit some of the most startling geothermal landscapes on the the planet from the skies as you helicopter into the interior.
  • The thrilling experience of exploring the infamous Eyjafjallajökull Volcano by super jeep.
  • The opportunity to learn essential survival skills such as building ice caves for shelter, and ice-fishing.
  • The opportunity to see the other worldly Northern Lights far removed from any light pollution.



After your plane hits the tarmac in Reykjavik, we take you on a two-hour drive to the base of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano, home for your first night in Iceland, where spectacular views of star fields await just outside our private lodge. After a night spent watching the dance of the Northern Lights, we will transfer you northwards by private helicopter, deep into the isolated highlands of Midgard. This 250km journey takes you across the sprawling volcanic sands of Sprengisandur and onwards, over the mountains and geothermal fissures scattering the landscape.

Your refuge, the Midgard Hut awaits your arrival: a small log-fire warmed cabin alone on the plains. Dump your bags and head straight out to try your hand at snowkiting, blazing across the white expanse at 30mph.The afternoon brings another change of pace as you cut through the nearby frozen lake to catch your food for the evening. Like a true hunter gather prepare and cook the catch with a local Icelandic teaching you the ways of culinary survival in this raw and brutal polar climate.

It’s an early-rise the next morning and straight into a polar survival tutorial; dig out snow cave shelters, learn how to construct fires and fashion makeshift snow shoes in this unforgiving environment. Leave in the afternoon and we’ll take you south, to the natural hot springs of Landmannalaugar, flowing through the lava fields and vividly-coloured mountains. This will be your last taste of Iceland; you’ll return to Reykjavik and then home (or straight to the office) with incredible stories, awe-inspiring photos and the knowledge that if winter gets too rough where you live, we’ve given you the skills to survive it.

If you are interested in taking this trip and would like to discuss it in more detail with our team of experts get in touch here or call us on 0207 426 9899 (UK) or 1-888 341 9663 (US) to start planning your trip.