Destination: The Southern Patagonia Ice Cap, Argentina

Essence of the trip:

Embark on a new challenge and trek through the harsh wilderness of the Earth’s third largest glaciated area on an epic expedition that will see you explore and appreciate the scale of Southern Patagonia. Circle world famous mountains such as Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre and walk the entire length of Argentina’s biggest glacier, Viedma. With our trusted local guides we’ve created this new trip to challenge you and get you out into the wild and barren landscapes to accomplish one of the hardest treks in the southern hemisphere.

This trip will give you:

  • The chance to trek one of the most unique  routes in the world, where you’ll scale nearly 60 km of an ice field smaller only than the Antarctica and Greenland sheets and covering an epic total area of 13 000 square meters.
  • The opportunity to push yourself to new limits as you brave the stormy showers and whistling winds of the world-renowned Marconi Pass.
  • The unrivaled experience of camping on the ice itself, waking up to the sparkling expanse of an uncharted universe of ice and snow.
  • Insight from our team of expert guides into how to survive and cope and in polar conditions like a true pioneer.



Arrive into the small town of El Chalten at the foot of Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre where you will receive an invaluable briefing about the Ice Field and pick up your provided camping and technical gear. The following morning you will be transferred to the bridge over Electrico River, the starting point of the trek towards the base of Marconi Glacier. For two hours you will follow a well marked path before bidding farewell to civilization at the Piedra Del Fraile campsite. The great glacier valley awaits. Cross moraines and rocky formations left by the glaciers less than 70 years ago before coming to camp on the Western shore of Lake Electrico.

Your third day will see you ascending 800m on ice and snow as you use crampons and ropes to climb the Marconi Glacier and enter a kingdom of snow and ice. Push yourself to new limits as you brave the winds and snows of the Marconi Pass. The fantastic sunset later enjoyed at the most aerial campsite of the expedition will serve as a worthy reward.

Over the next two days sledge and trek to the Circo De Los Altares, taking in unbeatable and rarely seen views of the active Lautaro Volcano and Mariano Moreno Range. Your sixth day will see you enjoying a well earned rest at a campsite near the rustic Paso del Viento hut.

Feeling refreshed, embark on the final two days of trekking that will take you to the epic Viedma Glacier, the largest in Argentina. This challenging route offers several spectacular viewpoints including an aerial view of the glacier’s snout as it calves into Lake Viedma. Tackle the steep descent to the lake and Cabo de Homos Bay before you return to El Chalten – aching and weary but carrying a sense of achievement that few other feelings can beat.

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Destination:Bayan-Olgiy, Western Mongolia

Essence of the Trip: This Epic Weekend will take you on a breath-taking journey to Mongolia’s wild west for an incredible and unique nomadic experience. For three nights you’ll stay in ger camps with local nomadic families, set against the vast landscapes of the Bayan-Olgiy region. This remote area of Mongolia that lies close to the border with Russia and Kazakhstan is still untouched by mass tourism and honest to its cultural roots, traditions such as hunting for food and fur with golden eagles are still very much alive in Bayan Olgiy.  During your stay here you’ll learn how to master the art of hunting with these majestic birds on horse back, a thrilling ancient practice that not many people get the chance to experience.

This Trip Will Give You:

  • Discovery of Mongolia’s most remote regions and unexplored deserts that will ignite a feeling of complete isolation.
  • The chance to camp with local Mongolia families in the middle of the Mongolian Steppe, and learn their way of life.
  • The opportunity to learn how to hunt on horse back with Eagles using age-old techniques.



Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s fascinating capital city where you will be met by guide and driver. Situated on the Tuul River, this ex-soviet city is a mixture of traditional and modern, where flowing eaves of monastery temples stand beside communist planned courtyards and modern sky scrapers. Settle into your hotel  for a quick freshen up before visiting the Museum of National History to gain an understanding of Mongolia’s remarkable past. You’ll end your first day in the country with dinner at one of our favourite Mongolian restaurants where you can sample the delicious local fare.

Day 2 starts early as you wake up for a flight arriving in Ulgii at around breakfast time. The capital of the westernmost aimag, Ulgii is a predominantly Kazakh city where a Muslim influence is widespread – from street signs, religion, clothes and food, and gives the town its diverse atmosphere. From here drive east to Altantsogts stopping on the way at Oni mountain to see some nests where eagles lay eggs in early march – the chicks stay their until mid July until they can fly themselves so the nests will be empty now. At Altantsogts, meet your host for the next two nights; the Eagle Hunter, his family, and his magnificent bird and experience first-hand Kazakh hospitality and the nomadic lifestyle. The Eagle hunter will be one of the most experienced eagle hunters in the region and trains the rest of the family to become an eagle hunters. Here he’ll give you an introduction to Kazakh eagle hunting skills and history.

Spend time with your host family, learning about the nomadic way of life in this hostile environment. You’ll be about a 6 hour drive to the nearest town so you’ll get a real sense of how life is lived out into the middle of nowhere. Amid the arid yet strikingly beautiful landscape is where these nomadic hunters still live a very traditional way of life that has defied history, geography, and political change. Roam the vast, empty lands learning the unique skills and techniques of eagle hunting. Before embarking on a hunt, you’ll take training sessions with an eagle against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains and breath-taking glaciers.  Then on horseback, or on foot if you wish, you’ll trek deep into the Altai Mountains to begin the hunt, watching the eagles soar to monumental heights before swooping down to catch rabbits or foxes.

After a few days out in the harsh environment you’ll soon appreciate the practice of hunting with eagles as a life’s profession and way of existence that the hunters have mastered over years of toil; master and bird have an intimate relationship which is built on over 20 years of trust.  As legend goes the man trains the eagle, so does the eagle train his man.

For a insight into these communities you can meet a shaman who will give you an idea of his rituals. From here its back to Ulgii and Ulaanbaatar for your departure home.

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Destination: Lofoten Archipelago, northern Norway

Essence of the Trip: This Epic Weekend will take you on a breath-taking journey to some of the most hidden and remote fjords of Norway – reaching as far north as the Arctic Circle – for an incredible and unique trekking and skiing experience. For three nights you’ll stay on a yacht sailing around the snow-covered fjords and peaks, including the mighty Geitgaljen and majestic Middagstindan mountains. You’ll be taken to the hidden fjords of Lofoten, where you’ll find yourself in the prime spot for witnessing the northern lights and the Aurora storms. Lofoten is a truly epic location, sitting in an archipelago of islands stretching 200km southeast into the Atlantic Ocean north of the Arctic Circle; here you can expect to find yourself trekking and skiing the most dramatic mountain scenery amidst awe-inspiring views of the mountains disappearing into the icy ocean. The peaks might not stand as tall as the other Alps of Norway, but with untouched powder covering the steep slopes sliding all the way to the sea, you can literally hike to the top of a mountain before you ski right to the water’s edge.



You’ll fly into Svolvær airport before being whisked off to your home for the next three nights – a beautifully kitted out sail boat. Your classic yacht is made for handling the icy arctic conditions and is equipped to the highest standard, making this the perfect boat for the intrepid explorer. You’ll meet the Captain and crew before having a delicious dinner cooked for you by the on-board professional chef, ready for your adrenaline-inducing trip into the fjords.

Day two of this snowy adventure sees you travel towards Geitgaljen – an amazing mountain approximately two hours’ sailing time from Svolvær. Start the trek from the boat to Geitgaljen (1085m above sea level) before hitting the untouched powder and steep slopes overlooking the Atlantic Ocean for some of the most incredible views imaginable.

On the third day of this epic weekend you’ll sail towards Trollfjorden – a spectacular small fjord with steep walls and a narrow entrance, where you will have breakfast on board before you set off towards Middagstindan (929m above sea level) for more thrills skiing down the steep fjord slopes.

On your final day, enjoy breakfast on board as you travel back to Svolvær, stopping by Vaterfjordpollen to climb Rundfiellet (803m above sea level). This mountain north of Svolvær provides a spectacular panoramic view in every direction; the perfect ending to your epic weekend.

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Photo’s: copyright – Fredrik Schenholm


Destination: Sahara Desert, Morocco

Essence of the Trip: Your Moroccan Epic Weekend away takes you to one of the world’s most culturally rich cities – Marrakech – before setting off into the heart of the Moroccan Sahara desert close to the border with Algeria. For two days you’ll embark on an epic trek through the vast expanse of the Erg Chegaga sand dunes, where these mighty sand structures reach up to 120m in height . You’ll sleep out under the stars in traditional Berber accommodation in the middle of the desert and soar over the Moroccan landscape in a helicopter on your way back to civilisation.



Your epic weekend begins in the cultural hub of Marrakech with a day spent exploring the vibrant city and an overnight stay at Riad Farnatchi – an urban bolthole right in the heart of Marrakech – before your desert adventure begins.

Day two starts with a transfer to the beautiful Draa Valley via Ait Benhaddou an ancient fortified city that’s renowned for its impressive earth coloured kasbahs. Along with your guide you’ll explore the impressive surroundings, or head off on a mountain bike tour where you can explore the oases and learn about the unique geography of the area before heading to your remote Kasbah for the night – Kasbah Azul.

After a good night’s rest, your desert adventure begins; you’ll wake before dawn as you begin your journey further into the vast expanse of the Moroccan Sahara Desert. Today you’ll begin the first part of the trek through the desert from M’hamid, the last settlement before the road runs out and only the Sahara lies ahead. Throughout your half-day trek into the dunes with your guide and support vehicle you’ll spot Berber communities camping out amidst the dunes. Here, you can stop for a break and experience the welcoming nature of the communities over a cup of mint tea and learn about their nomadic existence.  As you hike further into the Erg Chegaga area you’ll notice the distinct change in the landscape, where dunes reach up to 120 meters high. Tonight you’ll set up camp under the star-flecked sky where you’ll get a real taste for life in one of the most remote locations in the world.

The following morning you’ll be woken before dawn to the watch the sun rise over the sand dunes. These incredible landmarks look completely different in the morning light, as the shadows are cast over the towering dunes. Today you’ll take on the most challenging part of the dune trek as you embark on a full day’s trek for 25 km through the heart of the Erg Chegaga dunes. After a full day of journeying through the spectacular landscapes you’ll be greeted at the end of the day with a luxury camp setup in a sheltered area of desert, where you can rest your aching muscles around the campfire as your guide lets you in on a few star-gazing secrets of the desert night sky.

After your final night in the desert (and after re-fueling with a hearty breakfast) you’ll be air-lifted out of the desert via helicopter, giving you one last glimpse of the dramatic landscapes on your way back to Marrakech international airport for your flight home.

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Destination: Oman

Essence of the Trip:

An unforgettable adventure across Oman’s stunning landscape with an insider’s insight on ancient Omani culture and traditional way of life. From vibrant Salalah to the ruined mountain villages of Wadi Bani Habib and the souks of Muscat, this is a trip that encapsulates the very best that Oman has to offer in a truly epic style.

This Trip Will Give You:

  • Discovery of Oman’s most remote regions and unexplored deserts that will ignite a feeling of complete isolation.
  • A true insight into Omani culture; witnessing religious rituals and learning directly from nomadic mountain dwellers.
  • The opportunity to stay in traditional Bedouin settlements.
  • Genuine Omani expertise from the unrivalled knowledge of our guides who will ensure you make the most of your time in Oman on a life enriching adventure.



Arriving in Salalah you will in be met by your specialist guide who will brief you on your upcoming expedition.

Salalah has a distinctly African feel to it and is a unique corner of Oman that sees it transformed by annual monsoons from arid desert into a lush oasis. In Salalah you will immerse yourself in Omani culture as you visit the fishing village of Taqah (the Sultan’s mother was born here) and discover its ancient castle. You’ll visit Khor Rhori, the ruined city of Samhuram and capital of ancient Arabia’s exotic Frankincense trade. Sample local foods before heading into the mountains to the dizzying heights of the tomb of Prophet Job.

The days ahead will have you experiencing true desert life as you fly from Salalah deeper into the wilderness, stopping off on route to watch adrenalin inducing camel racing and exploring Ibra, one of the oldest cities in Oman and once the capital for trade and religion. Transported to the spectacular Wahiba Sands we will arrive in time for sunset, one of the most enduring visions on your Arabian adventure.

In Wahiba Sands, you’ll be staying at a private camp that is completely remote and beautifully positioned against the dunes. A place that is eerily quiet and suffers no light pollution, star gazing opportunities in Wahiba Sands are plentiful and your guide will be on hand to guide you through the night sky. There is no use of electric light here in the desert so we will be using candles and open fires too cook and eat. We will have an early morning start to climb the nearest sand dune and watch the sun rise over the expanse of golden mounds that spread out to the horizon. You’ll feel as though you’re the last person on earth as you quietly take in this giant expanse of unconquered territory.

From Wahiba Sands you’ll stop at a traditional Bedouin settlement for a further taste of desert living. With your expert guide on hand this will be an enlightening experience as you learn first-hand how the Bedouin survive in these harsh conditions. Your next stop will be Nizwa for a day exploring Oman’s forts and castles constructed between the 13th and 17th centuries. You will have the opportunity to visit Nizwa’s local market with your guide on hand to explain the local foods and traditions. After a night in Nizwa, we again gain altitude as we climb Jebel Shams, over 3,000 meters above sea level and the highest peak in Oman. Hiking around 3 hours from the summit of Jebal Shams will take us to a hidden mountain village only accessible by foot. With views over terraced landscapes and cultivated gardens and the opportunity to meet members of the Bedouin inhabitants, this will be total immersion into authentic Omani life.

On the coming days you will journey between remote villages in the Jebal Akhdar region to gain a true understanding of Omani’s mountain culture. Wadi Bani Habib is a stunning ruined village built into the side of the mountain and is a sight that leaves most that visit speechless. The last days of your Omani adventure will be spent in Muscat where your day may start with a visit to witness morning prayers at the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the fifth largest in the world. The mosque is a stunning example of Islamic architecture. As you wander through the labyrinthine Souks nearby, you’ll end your epic trip feeling as though you’ve truly earned an experience that few have had the opportunity of realising.

If you are interested in taking this trip and would like to discuss it in more detail with our team of experts get in touch here or call us on 0207 426 9899 (UK) or 1-888 341 9663 (US) to start planning your trip.