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A waterfall pours with the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in view
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Snowkite at 30mph across the frozen plains
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An early summer morning in the Landmannalauga National Park
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Witness Iceland's incredible and diverse landscape
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Watch the Northern Lights dance across the sky
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The valley of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano
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Quite and peaceful Landmannalaugar

Destination: Eyjafjallajökull Volcano & Midgard plains

Essence of the trip:

This weekend adventure takes you on a phenomenal journey across the dramatic Icelandic landscape. You’ll experience bunking under the shadow of the active Eyjafjallajökull Volcano before we transfer you by private helicopter over the Sprengisandur region, a remote part of the country. On this adventure you’ll explore some of the landscapes that appeared in the film from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano to the vast volcanic desert of Mýrdalssandur. With our team of expert guides you’ll then head towards Midgard, a remote and expansive snow plain, where you will spend your time snowkiting, ice fishing and learning polar survival skills in this unforgivable region.

This trip will give you:

  • The chance to visit some of the most startling geothermal landscapes on the the planet from the skies as you helicopter into the interior.
  • The thrilling experience of exploring the infamous Eyjafjallajökull Volcano by super jeep.
  • The opportunity to learn essential survival skills such as building ice caves for shelter, and ice-fishing.
  • The opportunity to see the other worldly Northern Lights far removed from any light pollution.



After your plane hits the tarmac in Reykjavik, we take you on a two-hour drive to the base of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano, home for your first night in Iceland, where spectacular views of star fields await just outside our private lodge. After a night spent watching the dance of the Northern Lights, we will transfer you northwards by private helicopter, deep into the isolated highlands of Midgard. This 250km journey takes you across the sprawling volcanic sands of Sprengisandur and onwards, over the mountains and geothermal fissures scattering the landscape.

Your refuge, the Midgard Hut awaits your arrival: a small log-fire warmed cabin alone on the plains. Dump your bags and head straight out to try your hand at snowkiting, blazing across the white expanse at 30mph.The afternoon brings another change of pace as you cut through the nearby frozen lake to catch your food for the evening. Like a true hunter gather prepare and cook the catch with a local Icelandic teaching you the ways of culinary survival in this raw and brutal polar climate.

It’s an early-rise the next morning and straight into a polar survival tutorial; dig out snow cave shelters, learn how to construct fires and fashion makeshift snow shoes in this unforgiving environment. Leave in the afternoon and we’ll take you south, to the natural hot springs of Landmannalaugar, flowing through the lava fields and vividly-coloured mountains. This will be your last taste of Iceland; you’ll return to Reykjavik and then home (or straight to the office) with incredible stories, awe-inspiring photos and the knowledge that if winter gets too rough where you live, we’ve given you the skills to survive it.

If you are interested in taking this trip and would like to discuss it in more detail with our team of experts get in touch here or call us on 0207 426 9899 (UK) or 1-888 341 9663 (US) to start planning your trip.

The Facts

Duration: 3 nights

Best Time To Travel: Jan - Apr

Price: On application. Prices include extensive trip planning and consultation, expedition set-up and all in-country logistics. The price also includes a world-class head guide who is a specialist in the chosen environment, an extensive local guiding support team, all on-trip training and technical equipment, all domestic travel including any flights required as part of your expedition and your accommodation. Most meals and drinks will also be included, but specific details will be provided on quotation.

Flights: Epic Tomato can organise international flights from anywhere in the world to this destination and offers both scheduled and private charter services.

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