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Wadi Rum
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Experience the breathtaking monument at Wadi Rum
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Return to the desert on Arabian horses
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Night at Al Khazneh in Petra
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Sharif Hussein Bin Ali Mosque at Aqaba
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The ancient city of Amman
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Ad Deir Petra with a view of the city of Wadi Musa
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Time and harsh winds have etched intricate patterns in the cliff face
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Destination: Wadi Rum & Petra

Essence of the Trip: Over three spectacular nights, experience the deserts and ancient cities of Jordan. This trip will take you across the sands; challenging your personal endurance whilst relying on the use of 4×4, quads, camel and Arabian horses.  This is a truly epic expedition through the inspiring landscapes of Wadi Rum and Petra.  A weekend desert trek that combines startling scenery, incredible history and desert survival.



Experience the deserts, mountains and ancient cities of Jordan over one non-stop Epic weekend.

Land in Amman before jumping straight into your adventure. Take in the magnitude of Jordan from the skies as you cross over to Aqaba in the east of Jordan and its only coastal city on the Gulf. From here we’ll transfer you 70km westwards across the desert to the awe-inspiring Wadi Rum and The Valley of the Moon. You’ll stop off at a Bedu camp to undergo crucial desert survival training.  You will be taught genuine desert survival expertise, as you will learn how to cope within the desert’s unforgiving environment with instruction from local Bedouins alongside your Epic lead guide, who have thrived within this setting for countless generations.

Taking your new skills and learnings of one of natures most challenging environments you’ll set off on a gruelling trek around Wadi Rum.

Whilst taking in the incredible rock formations, this is truly a challenging desert trek that combines startling scenery with incredible history.  Taking a well deserved rest after 4 hours of trekking, you’ll work with berbers to set up an traditional underground feast, a local means of cooking that has been handed down generation to generation. Once revived, a support RV and camel trek through the challenging desert will lead you to your quads where you will fight the wrath of the desert’s force to find your way to your next berber tented camp.

The next morning will be an early rise, before we pack you off for a hot air balloon ride up and over the sandstone mountains of Southern Jordan to take in the all consuming desert – your challenge for the day ahead.  We’ll take you by off-road vehicles towards the iconic Petra before changing your modern day mode-of-transport for something a little more traditional.  Return to the desert on Arabian horses through Petra’s surrounding mountains and plains and the ancient Nabatean ruins of Petra to take in the aeons-old architecture that used to be home to an entire civilisation.

To ensure a smooth connection home we’ll leave Petra and head back to Aqaba to connect to Amman for your continued journey home, leaving the desert having experienced it’s incredible force yet leaving with an appreciation of how to survive and move around its vast expanse.

If you are interested in taking this trip and would like to discuss it in more detail with our team of experts get in touch here or call us on 0207 426 9899 (UK) or 1-888 341 9663 (US) to start planning your trip.

The Facts

Duration: 3 nights

Best Time To Travel: All year round

Price: On application. Prices include extensive trip planning and consultation, expedition set-up and all in-country logistics. The price also includes a world-class head guide who is a specialist in the chosen environment, an extensive local guiding support team, all on-trip training and technical equipment, all domestic travel including any flights required as part of your expedition and your accommodation. Most meals and drinks will also be included, but specific details will be provided on quotation.

Flights: Epic Tomato can organise international flights from anywhere in the world to this destination and offers both scheduled and private charter services.

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